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The conviction of a minor can result in harm similar to adult convictions if the record remains. There is a process, however, similar to an expungement in the adult context, to prevent a juvenile record from causing ongoing damage.

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Texas Juvenile Justice Files And Records Explained

In Texas, an individual between the ages of 10 and 17 who was arrested or charged with a crime likely has a juvenile file and record. Juvenile justice files are records of a minor who was brought before a court for delinquent conduct. The records of minors are generally confidential, but local law enforcement, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the FBI and other agencies can access them.

These records can also be accessed when you grant a potential employer, prospective educational institution or licensing agency authorization to run a criminal background check on you or your child. Only select entities can access juvenile treatment records, including files regarding counseling, drug or alcohol treatment, and placement.

Can Juvenile Files And Records Be Eliminated?

Juvenile records are generally permanent. To be destroyed, the record must qualify to be sealed, and you must petition the court to have the record sealed. Unfortunately, not every offense is eligible to be sealed.

If the case ended with successful completion of a deferred prosecution, you can typically petition to seal the records immediately. Certain misdemeanors qualify to be sealed after a successful completion of probation. Other offenses have a waiting period of two years or until you or your child turns 18 or 21. Charges such as aggravated felonies and sex offenses can never be sealed.

Benefits Of Sealing A Juvenile Record

Sealing results in a complete and permanent removal of the record. Once sealed, you or your child may deny that the juvenile records exist and that the event that led to the record — whether arrest, prosecution or adjudication — ever happened. You or your child can legitimately answer that they have never been arrested, convicted or adjudicated of a crime on job, licensing or school applications.

Eligibility for record sealing changes if a 17-year-old is convicted or placed on deferred adjudication for a crime in adult criminal court.

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