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Understanding Pardons And Other Dismissals In Texas

If you are investigated or charged in a criminal complaint, but pardoned, acquitted or given another dismissal, you may think your criminal record is clean as a result. It may surprise you to discover that pardons, acquittals, a grant of clemency, dropped charges and other dismissals still leave a stain on your criminal record. Even a presidential pardon does not automatically clear your record.

A Pardon Or Dismissal Does Not Mean A Clean Record

Even if law enforcement, prosecutors, judges and juries completely absolve you of a crime, you are still burdened by a criminal record.

At the Dallas, Texas, law office of J. Michael Price II, we can employ legal strategies designed to help you set the record straight. Using tools that include record sealing, orders of nondisclosure and expunctions, we help you clear your name. You even have options if you have a felony conviction on your record.

Have you:

  • Been investigated for a crime?
  • Been arrested but later had the charges dropped?
  • Had a judge dismiss criminal charges against you?
  • Been acquitted by a jury for a crime?
  • Received a state pardon from the governor?
  • Won an appeal?

If this describes your situation, you may be surprised by what is still on your criminal record.

A Dallas Criminal Lawyer To Fight For You

A criminal record can affect where you can live, who you can work for, what your rights are and even the results of any future criminal charge. Having an unfair blemish on your criminal record can be a constant and frustrating challenge.

Our experienced criminal defense attorney, J. Michael Price, works to clear your record and clear your name. We can help you evaluate your situation and explore strategies toward getting an expunction — also known as an expungement — after you have been pardoned or acquitted of a criminal charge.

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